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Technologies for the Global Green Economy

Turning Waste into Value


Norwegian Technology AS provides services for the development of sustainable waste treatment solutions for offshore and onshore industry and municipal applications using proprietary treatment technologies, equipment and chemicals.


  • Solutions to meet more stringent regulations and political/public expectations

  • Cost saving and environmental protection initiatives.


  • Unique and proven technologies for treatment and disposal of environmentally unfriendly waste products:

       - Oil & gas waste streams with applications for

         slop, mud and cuttings
       - Oily port waste with applications for bio-reactor
      - Treatment of municipal waste

  • Value creation by changing and improving from traditional inefficient treatment technologies, equipment and chemicals including methods.

  • Compact treatment unit and environmentally friendly chemicals for the treatment and re-use of fracking wastewater, completion fluids, produced water and any other industrial wastewater.

  • Environmentally friendly chemicals to destabilise the drilling fluids, oil-based mud (OBM) and water-based mud (WBM) allowing for the gravitational separation of the three different mainelements water/brine, oil and solids.

  • Chemical solutions to treat completion fluids onsite for re-use.

  • Treatment offsite and onsite and disposal of polluted wastewater.


Norwegian Technology AS offers:

  • Robust technology with a minimum of  moving parts

  • Easy to operate

  • High treatment capacity

  • Low footprint and weight

  • Onshore and offshore installations

  • Operations support and training


Our most abundant natural resource and the most badly managed, water is the lifeblood of business, society and our economy. Norwegian Technology AS is where the sustainable management of the water resources becomes a living imperative shaping business and public policy.

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