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Solutions enabling the Global Green Economy

Water is our most abundant natural resource and the most poorly managed. Norwegian Technology AS is where sustainable management of water resources becomes a living imperative.

   Our main focus is to reduce the environmental footprints of industrial and municipal waste using new and efficient treatment processes for CO2 reduction. 


Norwegian Technology AS

We provide services for development of sustainable waste treatment solutions for industrial and municipal applications using own proprietary treatment technologies, equipment and chemicals.

The delivery of services is organized in three wholly owned subsidiaries.

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Norwegian Process Services AS

Provides solutions for the new circular green economy to support municipalities and service providers in reducing environmental footprints and costs for sewage treatment plants.

Our solutions extend the life of existing assets in a sustainable manner.


Norwegian Waste to Energy AS

Treats oily water and other contaminated wastewaters received from various industries.

Our treatment plant in Mekjarvik, outside Stavanger, has a modern biological treatment plant and various other treatment facilities capable of treating a variety of hazardous wastes.


Norwegian Recycling Services AS

Provides the next generation of compact and easy to operate integrated mechanical separation equipment in combination with environmentally friendly chemicals and skilled operations personnel to serve the offshore industry in managing slop water, drilling mud and drill cuttings.

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