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Destabilization and separation ... continued

Low solid OBM destabilization and separation

Chemically separated

The drilling mud is chemically separated into four fractions (Oil, sludge, brine and solids). The type of chemicals and quantities utilized to destabilize the mud vary and depend on the mud characteristics. For this project, the best chemical compound for the destabilization of the low solid OBM was the Mudsplit 001 with a dosing in the range of 3-4 l/m3.
The Mudsplit 001 is one of the chemicals supplied by Norwegian Technology for the destabilization of the OBM.

The solid fraction was not quantified during the separation as the amount was not detected visually. Both the brine and the oil fraction were clear and transparent after destabilization and separation. The two diagrams present the volumetric fraction of each component.

The two graphs also illustrate the efficiency of the Mudsplit 001. It is important that in a retort analysis (evaporation), the dissolved ions in the brine fraction remain in the sample and therefore contribute to the solid fraction. As a result, the chemically separated mud contains more brine than water.


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