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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Norwegian Technology are committed to:

Preventing accidents, damage or loss to personnel or the environment.

Adhering to applicable laws and regulations and public expectations.
Satisfying customer requirements and expectations.


Vi har justert HSEQ Policy i styringssystemet vårt til følgende:



Norwegian Technology AS is enthusiastically dedicated to exceeding the expectations of clients and other stakeholders as regards services provided. Moreover, the company shall always strive to become a preferred supplier and employer.

Norwegian Technology AS shall work towards becoming recognized as a leading company in the development of environmentally sustainable waste treatment solutions for offshore and onshore industry and municipal applications.


This includes integrated solutions for solving oily-solids and wastewater challenges.


The company shall be committed to excellence and compliance in Work, Health and Safety, Environment and Sustainability, Quality, Compliance, Risk Management and Discharge through its entire supply chain.

Norwegian Technology AS shall:
• Not cause harm to personnel, environment, assets, reputation or financial revenue.
• Work according to clearly defined and documented objectives and targets.
• Comply with applicable laws and other relevant requirements and industry practices.
• Assess the environmental impact of our key processes, products and services.
• Provide a safe and healthy working culture and environment for our employees.


Norwegian Technology AS shall achieve the above through continuous improvement of its HSEQ and management systems, communications internally and externally, competence and experience including training and development of employees.

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