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Biogas production is carbon-neutral and does not add to greenhouse gas emissions.  Further, any consumption of fossil fuels replaced by biogas will lower CO2 emissions.   


Below: Treated wastewater (85 % separation degree)




Grødeland for I•V•A•R

The daughter company of Norwegian Technology (NT) – Norwegian Process Services (NPS) provides the municipal waste water industry with technical solutions and product.


The company was started as a results of a consultancy job in collaboration with IVAR. Norwegian Technology developed a portfolio of chemicals that will change the municipality standard for good.

Grødaland municipality plant built and drifted by IVAR is currently utilizing the N-SEP 438. The plant treats around 150 000 pe highly concentrated waste water with high fat content. IVAR has been utilizing N-SEP 438 over a year with excellent biogas and suspended solids separation degree, biological treatment and biogas production.

The N-SEP 438 has proved to work very efficiently at several locations in Norway. A suspended solids separation degree of up to 85 percent is achieved along with several other advantages.

Dissolved Phosphor will not precipitate during treatment. As a result, significantly less Phosphor is needed for biological treatment.

The chemicals generate large fnocs which can easily be separated with several existing mechanical treatment equipment.

Small size

The Biogas production facility at Grødeland and Mekjarvik provides enough Biogas for the 200 busses in the region's bussfleet.

Ivar – Grødaland utilizing dissolved air floatation in combination with N-SEP 438

Dette bildet er tatt på Grødaland 28. september 2015. Foto: IVAR

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