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85.6% of wastewater in Israel is recycled.

Israel – CSR Experience Conference – Tel Aviv, Nov. 30th – Dec. 1st 2016

A senior figure from the Middle East nation’s government has indicated that the amount of wastewater reused in Israel has reached a staggering high 90%. Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs & Public Diplomacy, Gilad Erdan, said: “Today, nearly 90% of our wastewater is recycled.”

Speaking at the CSR Experience Conference held in Israel, the minister said: “That’s around four times higher than any other country in the world.” Previous data from Israeli water company Mekorot suggested that 75% of total wastewater produced was reused for agriculture. However, last year a survey conducted by the water authority showed that 85.6% of the country’s wastewater is reused.



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