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The main goal is to develop and demonstrate a compact and efficient prototype plant for the treatment of produced water for offshore Oil & Gas operations. Specifications for both environmental and economic parameters far exceed existing cleaning methods. The unit must be able to concentrate the waste and be sufficiently robust and flexible to be able to handle a wide range of water quality and operational conditions.

Consequently, the project also includes a significant logistics operation (financed by CoP) to test the plant in three different fields with different water quality.

The prototype must be capable of handling an average capacity of 20 m3 / h produced water. A commercial facility will typically be significantly larger. The main goal will be achieved if the prototype unit delivers in line with the specifications, and in line with NRS' and CoPs expectations. Results and test set-up will be quality assured by the University of Stavanger (UiS) and Eurofins, a third party environmental laboratory. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is formulated as:

• High degree of purification of produced water. Lower discharges of oil and chemicals into the sea.

• Increase concentration on waste from produced water, reduce logistics and transport costs associated with further treatment

• Lower cost of purchasing and maintenance than existing technology

• Lower energy consumption than alternative cleaning methods

• Compact unit, small footprint and high operating efficiency

• Robust and easy to operate. No requirements for specialist operators



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